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So after a somewhat extensive and definitely needed break, I’m back! I’ve got so many ideas for everydayjoyandme and where I want it to go and grow in to. This includes another topic I want to include and one I think works well with our overall theme. Eco-friendly or steps I’m taking to be better to our Planet. This will include things I and others are doing, items I’m replacing with more eco-friendly ones and companies I’ve found that are doing great things.

The first in this new topic is going to be a mini one with a few of my favourite products I use in the Bathroom which all happen to be from The Body Shop.

I was a huge fan of The Body Shop so you can imagine when I found out they were no longer owned by L’oreal* I was over the moon! They are cruelty-free, ethical traders, many of their products are vegan and they do fantastic work with various charities and companies across the world.

Now it may surprise you to see a couple of products recommended here that are in fact plastic when I’ve just stated how I want to be eco-friendly and help the planet more. That’s because these items are part of the Plastic for Change Initiative which works with people across the globe to recycle and reuse plastic (and can then be recycled again in-store or in your recycling bin). It’s a fantastic initiative, employing and empowering many people and helping clear up our planet. You can read more about it in the above link.

The Body Shop- Camomile Cleanser

This cleanser is amazing, it is so easy to use and cleanses the skin beautifully plus it’s in a tin! No plastic needed. You can reuse or recycle the tin and the cleanser itself lasts for ages. You can purchase it here. If you’re looking for a quicker cleanser that takes less energy then the camomile cleansing water is also good but not plastic free.

The Body Shop- Facial Buffer

The Body Shop Facial Buffer is fantastic and what I use with the Camomile Cleanser. It makes my skin feel so soft by removing the excess skin cells and dirt, but does so gently. It washes brilliantly and I’ve had mine for nearly a year and it’s like new. Would highly recommend it.

The Body Shop- Rose Toner

Confession time, I never really saw the point of toner before. I am nowhere near a skin expert and thought this was just another thing companies wanted us to buy for the sake of it. Until now that this, this toner is glorious. My skin feels so smooth and lovely and my pores are definitely calmer. It’s so good I’ve bought it twice. Absolutely love it.

Crocheted Makeup Pads

I use my toner (or occasionally the micellar water) with the crocheted reusable makeup pads that my very clever friend made for me. If you are a similarly crafty person you can make your own or they have similar here. They’re easy to use, will last for years and wash well, so need to buy disposable ones anymore!

I hope you enjoyed the first in my new series and if you have any recommendations of products/companies or would like to know of alternatives for ones you already use, let me know in the comments!

Lucy x

*L’Oreal are owned by Nestle a company I boycott for their human rights record, more information can be found online.

2 thoughts on “Eco-friendly edit-The Body Shop

  1. Louise P January 29, 2020 / 8:04 pm

    I’m a big fan of The Body Shop and have been since the mid nineties. I’ve always admired them for being ethical and cruelty-free (especially in the days when few beauty brands were), and I just love their products. I haven’t tried the ones you recommended, but I particularly love their Vitamin E range for skincare (especially the moisture cream and toner), and adore the satsuma range for bath and body care. Basically everything they make is amazing! I love the sound of the camomile cleanser. I may have to try that at some point. It would be great if their packaging was biodegradable or if they had refillable options or something, but being able to recycle them is a start, I guess.

    • everydayjoyandme January 29, 2020 / 9:49 pm

      Yes the vitamin e is lovely too. I like their shampoo too and shower gel but that’s for another post! The fact that their bottles/plastic are already recycled and then can be recycled is a huge positive I think. Definitely try the cleanser it’s gorgeous, plus it takes off makeup so easily. And the toner is fantastic. Thank you for commenting!

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