It’s too darn hot, a guide to staying cool.

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Chances are you’ll have noticed the extreme heat we’re having and unless you’re a lizard, then like me you’re not a fan. Luckily for you, I have some tips on how to keep cool that don’t involve hibernating in the ice cream section of Aldi (other supermarkets and their dairy goods are available). Here’s a guide on how to stay cool in a heatwave.

Water, water, everywhere make sure you’ve had enough to drink!

Staying hydrated is even more important in the hot weather so make sure you up the fluids. Lightweight cool flasks are ideal and can be filled up with water/squash or whatever else takes your fancy. Now is your chance to get creative, herbal teas, mixed fruit juices, put some frozen fruit into a blender or melted ice cream? These all make low effort and delicious drinks.

Make ice cubes out of fruit juice/cordial and that way your drink won’t be diluted. Freeze grapes and put into drinks as delicious ice cubes or to suck on as a tasty and cool treat. Frozen fruit can be left to slightly defrost for a refreshing snack and you can’t beat a bowl of ice cream!

Fill up bottles (check they can be frozen) with water/juice/squash and use them to keep yourself cool with a delicious drink.

Put an ice lolly in a glass (mind the stick) and let it defrost, got yourself a homemade slushy. Recent favourites are the real juice lollies from Morrisons Best Range. They keep you cool, hydrated, taste delicious and are full of vitamins. A perfect snack.

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I’m your biggest fan!

My easyacc fan is absolutely amazing and I have Georgina Grogan to thank for the recommendation. They’re small, lightweight and can be folded and are rechargeable plus they come in a number of insta-worthy colours. What’s not to like!

Cooling Mists

There are plenty of these available and you can even make your own. I have an amazing one leftover from last year. Keep them in your fridge to be even cooler or they’re fine on the side. I spray it around the room to decrease the temperature and on my back/face to help me cool down.

Hot Water Bottles (really)!

Hot water bottles are our friends even in this heat! You can fill them up (not to the top) with cool water and then pop them in the freezer and cuddle them later (after putting the cover back on!). If you don’t have enough room in your freezer then you can freeze ice cubes (using a long ice cube tray) and put these into the bottle.

Staying cool outdoors

If you’re fortunate enough to have a Hot Tub or paddling pool ( I have a small very cheap one from Argos) then this is ideal to sit in to cool off. If you don’t then a bucket or washing up bowl is also a perfect way to paddle your feet, cool off and imagine you’re on holiday. Just make sure to wear your SPF, sunhat and shades so you keep safe!

Other Tips!

Follow @fromsarahlex’s lead and use the cool pet beds for your pets or to put your feet/legs on to help you cool down.

Open the windows but keep the blinds/curtains closed to allow some fresh air in but to keep the room cool.

Run cold water over your wrists to instantly cool down.

Put a cold flannel (could keep a bowl of ice water to re-cool it) on your neck/face to help you cool down.

I hope these suggestions help you keep cool, if you have any more please let me know in the comments below. If you’re staying in and need something to do check out my upcoming posts on Listening books and great TV for ideas of easy/low energy activities.

And if you are going out in this heat (for your allocated exercise). Take water and a snack with you, put SPF on (and top it up), take a cool spray/fan, wear a hat and stay out of the sun!

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