Eco-friendly edit-The Body Shop

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So after a somewhat extensive and definitely needed break, I’m back! I’ve got so many ideas for everydayjoyandme and where I want it to go and grow in to. This includes another topic I want to include and one I think works well with our overall theme. Eco-friendly or steps I’m taking to be better to our Planet. This will include things I and others are doing, items I’m replacing with more eco-friendly ones and companies I’ve found that are doing great things.

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Hello and welcome to my new blog everydayjoyandme.

I am so happy to see you! Please introduce yourselves in the comments below, I’m hoping that this blog will grow and expand in to a wonderful community.

The aim of this blog is to showcase the things that bring me joy in a life with a chronic illness. I have ME or Chronic Fatigue as it’s sometimes known and seeking the joy in the everyday is something that I strive to do and want to share with you.

Here you’ll find my recommendations for music, TV, food, fashion and a myriad of other things that I enjoy. I’ll also be talking about what I’ve found helpful in terms of being chronically ill.

Hopefully there will be something for you all to enjoy and I’m so excited to get started on blogging again!

Lucy x