Mindfulness Monday- Hub of Hope

Half orange, half pink background. Writing says hub of hope, mindfulness Monday. 1. Text Hope 85258, 2.Hubofhope.co.uk 3. Chasingthestigma.co.uk 4. Hub of Hope App

Todays Mindfulness Monday is all about the newly established service Hub of Hope. Hub of Hope is both a website and an app.

The Hub of Hope is the UK’s leading mental health support database. It is provided by the national mental health charity, Chasing the Stigma, and brings local, national, peer, community, charity, private and NHS mental health support and services together in one place for the first time. (hubofhope.co.uk)

The services and support offered by Hub of Hope are for both every day and in times of crisis. Taking care of our mental health should be as important to us as taking care of the rest of our bodies. Checking in with ourselves and being honest about how we’re doing is essential, daily practice. As we become used to doing this, we can identify when we’re struggling. We can then get the extra help and support we need. This is where the Hub of Hope comes in.

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