PTSD Resolution- Charity of the Month

Charity of The Month

Each month I will be focusing on a different charity and showing the work they do in making the world a better place.

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Favourite Things- Book Series

I’ve been a fan of Bee for years, if you’re following her then you must! One of her excellent series is a list of things that make her happy. So inspired by this I’m creating a new series here on everydayjoyandme called ‘My Favourite Things’.

The first of the series is my top five book series and yes I know Harry Potter isn’t there! Don’t worry I still love Hogwarts, it’s just not my favourite series!

I’m going to be expanding on why these series are my favourite and why you should read them.

Have you read any of these? Tell me what’s your favourite book series? I’m always happy for new reads!

Share the Joy- 5 Minute Challenge

3 photographs. First a faded photograph of yellow flowers on a grey background with 3,2,1 in navy. Next to a yellow block background with 'Joy challenge' in navy.
Middle row has a block of pink with 5 minutes written in navy. Next to it is a picture of hands making a heart shape with the sun shining through it. 
Last rom has blank wooden scrabble tiles with three tiles spelling out JOY. Next to it is a block of yellow with 'comment like share go!' in navy.
5 Minute Joy Challenge

Joy Challenge- what is it?

The Joy Challenge is a quick 5 minutes (or less!) way for us to spread more joy on the internet. With the steady influx of negativity we’re faced with daily, it can be hard to see through it to the good. So often when the internet and social media is talked about, only the unpleasant side is talked about. However, for so many of us, particularly those who are unwell, the internet is a lifeline. I really enjoyed highlighting accounts I love and wanted to find a way to continue. So, this challenge is a way for us all to help make the goodness of the internet shine that bit brighter.

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Etsy Shop-everydayjoyandme Now Open!

I’m really excited to announce my new Etsy shop everydayjoyandme is now open!

My shop sells digital downloads of positive, affirmative posters. From the pun-derful to the classic. These come in a variety of styles and colours and more will be added as time goes by.

I hope there’s something you like. If you have ideas for a poster you’d like me to make, just let me know in the comments below!

Instagram- Accounts of Joy

Glossy green leaved plant in bottom left corner with recatngler pale terrocata background. Top right picture is a green succulent. Writing in black @natashalipman, @lifeofpippa, @yoga_mybed_and_m.e , @daniellevanier. Accounts of joy

Just a short post this time featuring some of my favourite Instagram accounts. When navigating social media with a chronic illness it can be hard to find accounts to follow. So many are (understandably) focused on their illnesses and all the difficulties that reality has for them. However, these often make for very negative reading. I can’t read accounts like this as it is bad for my own mental health to only see the harshness of life when you’re chronically ill. Particularly when you’re living it already. This is not a criticism of those accounts, as many find them helpful to write and read. It is more of a lesson learned for me. I need to be careful of the content I consume.

This weeks accounts of joy are all run by people with chronic illnesses/disabilities. They have all helped me in my own journey of acceptance and motivation for my current and future life. To see these women continue to strive for what they want has inspired me. Inspired me to start this blog, my Etsy shop and to plan for the future life that I want. It may well take me longer and via a different path then I would ever have dreamed of, but I am starting it now.

If you follow me on Instagram you can see in more detail why I’ve chosen these fantastic accounts.

All these brilliant women have wonderful blogs, well worth a follow.

Natasha can be found here

Danielle can be found here

Pippa can be found here

Donna can be found here