Mindfulness Monday- Hub of Hope

Half orange, half pink background. Writing says hub of hope, mindfulness Monday. 1. Text Hope 85258, 2.Hubofhope.co.uk 3. Chasingthestigma.co.uk 4. Hub of Hope App

Todays Mindfulness Monday is all about the newly established service Hub of Hope. Hub of Hope is both a website and an app.

The Hub of Hope is the UK’s leading mental health support database. It is provided by the national mental health charity, Chasing the Stigma, and brings local, national, peer, community, charity, private and NHS mental health support and services together in one place for the first time. (hubofhope.co.uk)

The services and support offered by Hub of Hope are for both every day and in times of crisis. Taking care of our mental health should be as important to us as taking care of the rest of our bodies. Checking in with ourselves and being honest about how we’re doing is essential, daily practice. As we become used to doing this, we can identify when we’re struggling. We can then get the extra help and support we need. This is where the Hub of Hope comes in.

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Mindfulness Monday- Breathing

White text in mustard yellow box 'mindfulness monday. Today's mindfulness task is box breathing. Breathe in for four counts. Hold the breathe for four counts. Breathe our for four counts. Hold the breathe for four counts and repeat.' 
Background image is yellow blossom on a tree.

Today is the first in our new series of Mindfulness Monday. Each week I will be showcasing a different mindfulness technique and explaining how this has been helpful to me and how it may well benefit you.

Mindfulness is such a large area that is being continually developed that I believe there is something for everyone, whether you are chronically ill or not.

It may seem strange to be thinking about learning how to breathe as it’s something we do all the time.

So why do need mindful breathing?

Mindful breathing is about utilising our breath to allow our bodies and minds to relax. When we take the time to slow down our breath we allow ourselves the opportunity to take some control over our sympathetic nervous system (responsible for ‘fight or flight’) and allow us to calm ourselves.

Like so many things that are branded as the ‘next big thing’ breathing techniques have been taught for centuries. One classic example is in the Hindu practice of Yoga where breathing deeply and correctly is just as important as the physical movements you make.

I will go in to more detail on exactly how breathing calms our sympathetic systems in future posts.

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